Wellness Boat Tour

Cartagena - Colombia

Give your body and soul a unique treat by pampering them on a yoga and meditation boat tour near the coast of Cartagena.   

While you are onboard, the staff carefully prepares a wide selection of additional healing activities for you to choose from, such as harmonization rituals, dances, and visits to the local communities. It wouldn’t be complete without a gastronomic experience that also heals your body from the inside while pleasing the most demanding taste buds. 

This unforgettable activity lasts a full day onboard a charming wooden catamaran. In the afternoon you can take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters for snorkeling near the coral reefs. We can personalize this activity as much as needed, as we offer it on a private basis.

During the pandemic, this catamaran has been coordinating fundraising for humanitarian sailings to provide basic needs to the native communities of Islas del Rosario. They’ve also worked with other entities to support education, ecology, and offer more sustainable practices in the communities.

Published in April, 2021

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