Exploring Beyond South america


Ocean Nova

A refurbished vessel boasts a truly adventurer spirit for unparalleled Antarctic expeditions. Its Scandinavian design offers cozy cabins and facilities while you sail on unpredictable cool waters. Have an intimate encounter with the White Continent as the ship allows a limited capacity and reduces the trip time as it includes a direct flight to this destination in the itinerary.



The Ocean Endeavour allows you to explore Antarctica while enjoying the class and comfort of a four-star hotel. Featuring one Expedition Team member for every eight travelers, you can take full advantage of one of the best staff-to-passenger ratios in Antarctica, with a greater level of personal service and more time with our onboard experts.


ocean victory

Ignite your adventurous spirit onboard the Ocean Victory, redefining Antarctic exploration. Our exclusive, eco-friendly vessel offers comfortable amenities, wellness, and out-of-the-ordinary journeys amidst the icy wonders. Enjoy incredible panoramic views and outdoor activities that will leave you in awe.



Our modern vessel combines luxurious navigation while reducing the carbon footprint on our planet. You can delight in spacious cabins, exquisite gastronomy, pleasant facilities, and amenities. Participate in exciting activities to uncover the Antarctic’s hidden gems. Undoubtedly, a voyage that transcends expectations and creates lasting memories.




Our Antarctica flights are very different from our ship-based expeditions to Antarctica given that they give you a chance to experience Antarctica in one day. One of the things that even seasoned ship-based expeditioners mention…