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Due to Antarctica’s extreme nature, the window of opportunity for visiting the White Continent is fleeting. Antarctic summer lies between November and March, with each month offering something different to make your visit even more memorable.


This is the very beginning of the season in Antarctica and the Peninsula is blanketed in pristine white snow, ready to welcome its first visitors.

Take advantage of this snow cover for snowshoeing opportunities. Penguin rookeries are abuzz as these creatures build their nests and perform their curious courtship routines, while seals tussle in South Georgia to establish their positions. Dramatic sea ice formations make for fantastic photo opportunities and you can expect some stunning sunsets.


Days stretch to 22 hours and temperatures hit a balmy eight degrees. Antarctic summer has arrived, thawing sea ice and providing a warmer reception for the penguin chicks who are making  their first appearance in this icy world.

Humpback whales swim a happy return and Leopard seals are on the prowl. December and January are the busiest months in terms of tourist numbers due to the Christmas holiday period so early booking is essential.


As ice packs continue to recede, it is possible to explore more extensively – reaching areas usually blocked by sea ice. Days become shorter resulting in intense bursts of colour and light.

It is the prime time to watch Humpbacks, Minke, Southern Right and Sperm whales patrolling the surrounding waters. South Georgia in March is when the penguin rookeries are at their most bustling. The temperature starts to fall again this time of year, signalling the end of the season.