Antarctica Flights

Our Antarctica flights are very different from our ship based expeditions to Antarctica given that they give you a chance to experience Antarctica in one day.

One of the things that even seasoned ship based expeditioners mention is the sense of scale that the Antarctica overflights give you in comparison to ship based expeditions. The flights give you a much greater appreciation of the sheer size of Antarctica compared to anything that you experience on a ship.


South Pole Scenic Flight

For the traveller keen to experience the extreme vastness of Antarctica and learn about great explorers, Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen. This flight will have you retracing their remarkable routes from a birds eye view, all the way to the South Pole and back. This, approx. 16 hour flight, is the only one of its kind, anywhere in the world! 

Southern Lights

Astronomy lovers and adventurers, keen on experiencing the enigmatic lights of the Aurora Australis from their window, will be bedazzled by this experience as they fly 60 degrees south, over the Southern Ocean and directly into the Southern Auroral zone by night.


A bucket-listers’ favourite, travellers on these journeys are keen to gaze upon icebergs and ancient glaciers on a day flight over the coast and mountains of East Antarctica. Taking in the incredible beauty of the landscapes and learning about the history that lies below.