Pure! Team

Esteban Loayza - Country Manager

Esteban is very passionate about business. He has just started his professional career in the tourism industry. He holds a degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing, and over the years he has run several companies in the private and public sector. Today, fate has brought him to the tourism industry. “ I’m very happy to be part of the Pure! Family. Colombia is one of the most promising destinations of South America and the world. It offers an infinity of attractions, landscapes, culture and all of this combined with its main ingredient.. its people!! We are ready and you can count on the best professionals to ensure your clients get the most out of Colombia and live an unforgettable experience.”

guaranteeing your passengers a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bram Evers - Managing Director

Bram is the founder of Pure! Travel Group and the General Manager of Pure! Ecuador. After obtaining his degree in tourism, Bram decided to leave the Netherlands and gain work experience in Ecuador. Impressed by the potential of this biodiverse country, he never left. He realized Ecuador and the rest of South America offer a countless number of highlights to its visitors and it became his passion to share the beauty of this diverse continent with others. With Pure! offices in six South American countries, this dream now became reality. But not at the expense of the next generations; Bram made respect for local heritage, indigenous communities, and the environment part of the DNA of Pure! Travel Group. Providing exceptional B2B services and being a reliable partner offering innovative leisure and MICE travel opportunities, is what motivates him.

Fiorella Freyre Country Manager

Fiorella’s passion for traveling already started at a very young age, while exploring her beautiful country with her parents during the summer holidays. After finishing school, she was sure that tourism was her future. First, she gained experience in the fields of reservations, operations, and sales, before obtaining her Business Administration Degree, leading to the opportunity to become the General Manager of Pure! Peru. She has been working at Pure! Peru for ten years now, and she still feels like she is learning new things every day, while meeting incredible people and traveling all over the world. Searching for new products and improving services to offer the best travel options to her clients is one of her priorities; what makes her truly happy is when the dreams of travelers come true during a perfectly organized trip.

Benjamin Humerez - Country Manager

Benjamin is dedicated to reaching the proposed objectives, enthusiastic, and with a lot of interest in the tourism industry. He holds a degree in Accounting with vast experience in business administration, marketing, and building services. We have the pleasure to coordinate our team in Pure! Bolivia, and part of the Pure! Travel Group family, with his terrific ability to generate creative and innovative ideas that contribute to our administrative process.

Our local team in Bolivia works hard every day to position the destination along with our other options in South America. From the highest deserts in the world, rich forests hidden with their biodiversity, and a great variety of cultures that maintain their original traditions.

Liznuit Arteaga - Office Manager

Liznuit comes from Ecuadorian and Chilean roots. She is a passionate professional committed to service and quality, with a track record of 22 years in the commercial field and the tourism industry, principally in some renowned hotel chains. She holds a master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Marketing and Sales. Besides, she stands out for her experience in the MICE events organization, as a team leader in a prestigious Chilean company, and her participation in the opening of new hotels.

Additionally, she worked as a Career Director at the distinguished Chilean Professional Institute DUOC of the Catholic University of Chile and as a consultant for the Ministry of Education of Chile.Now, she leads our office in Chile, the country of la cueca y el vino, their stunning landscapes from north to south and from the mountain range to the sea.

Marcelo Verde - Country Manager

Marcelo describes himself as a huge fan of the world of tourism. His enthusiasm for this industry was born over 25 years ago in Córdoba, Argentina. Today, he brings vast knowledge in developing travel experiences, operating services with the utmost excellence and attention to detail. Marcelo can tailor different luxury products to large groups as well as small families or even couples as they discover memorable corners of Argentina. His dedication across many top travel companies in the region, along with his creativity contribute to becoming an invaluable team member of the Pure! Travel Group family. We welcome Marcelo and now open doors to our clients to the land of tango, delicious steaks, and its unique blend of cultures while traveling the Pure! Argentina way.