Pure! is part of our DNA

Pure! Travel Group truly cares for locals, indigenous communities and the environment. It is very important to us to protect the earth so our grandchildren can enjoy this planet the same way we do. At the same time, we aim to create a positive, inclusive and stimulating work environment for our employees. Therefore, we have become a trendsetter in sustainable tourism in South America; being Pure! is part of our DNA.

Sustainability policy

Aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable development of tourism, Pure! Travel Group with its offices in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile, is committed to a sustainable management of all its activities. We do this by preventing, eliminating and reducing the impact of our facilities, work practices, activities and services. Furthermore, we increase the environmental awareness of our staff to improve their sustainable behavior.

We offer tailor-made services to each client, with fair prices and fully transparent operations. Our tours are a combination of responsible excursions and services that enable tourists to gain authentic experiences, visit communities, learn to cook local food, wandering around markets, get to know cultural and natural heritage, and participate in adventure activities at their locations of the traveler’s interest.

We focus our human resource strategy on creating and maintaining excellent cultural, work and physical conditions that attract and retain professional employees. Also, we are committed to motivate and train our staff, providers, and clients about the principles of sustainable tourism and the company’s activities and progress in terms of environmental responsibility.

One of our main objectives is to perfect our sustainable management and to continuously improve in all areas of sustainability: socio-cultural, economic and environmental, while satisfying our clients with our professional services.

TourCert certification

By maintaining our TourCert certification we are committed to responsible tourism. Our management and communication systems are designed in accordance with the TourCert policy and are verified by an independent auditor. With the TourCert certification we commit to continuously improve environmental aspects, labor conditions and customer information to establish fair business relationships. The agreements with our service providers take environmental, cultural and economic criteria in consideration in the provision of services, preparation and selection of our tours.  

Currently, Pure! Colombia, Pure! Ecuador and Pure! Peru hold the internationally recognized TourCert certification. Pure! Bolivia and Pure! Chile are working hard on reaching the same level of corporate sustainability.