Pure! Travel Group genuinely cares for the well-being of local communities, indigenous groups and the environment. Therefore, we practice sustainable tourism to ensure future generations may have a safe and healthy planet to discover. We do this by creating a positive, inclusive and creative work environment for our employees. As a result, we have become a trendsetter in sustainable tourism in South America; sustainability is tightly wound into Pure! Travel Group’s DNA!

Responsible Tourism Practices

Pure! Travel Group is highly aware of how important it is to maintain sustainable developments in tourism. For this reason, Pure! Travel Group’s multi-country offices are committed to managing activities responsibly.  This is done by preventing, eliminating, and reducing negative sustainability impacts in each Pure! location.  We also do the same for any guest service, in every destination possible.

Sustainable Practices

CRS Certification

Traveling Without Plastic

Responsible Tourism

Community Support

Internal Practices

  • We truly believe that sustainability should begin from the inside out. This is why Pure! has worked hard behind the scenes in each of our multi-country offices.   The increase of environmental and social consciousness among our colleagues has greatly improved in doing so.  Thereby, a visible shift in behavior and habits in each of our Pure! team’s life has been reflected!
  • An internal blog at Pure! was created so we can share and highlight important information about responsible tourism. The blog includes local news on sustainability, ways to improve environmental practices at home, and personal stories and tips.  It is a great portal that inspires each other to live a more conscious lifestyle!

  • Also, within the internal blog we share at Pure! are updates on corporate and social responsibility certifications. It is essential for our teams to know where the company stands in environmental responsibility and see where they took part in these achievements.
  • In each Pure! office, waste management programs are implemented and fulfilled. To do this, free training programs regarding environmental and social aspects are given.  This provides each team member with an explanation on the importance of waste management and the positive effects it has on the environment. 
  • In some Pure! offices our carbon footprint is measured. Additionally, each office participates in international environmental events.  Many social and environmental foundations are also supported.
  • Our human resources strategy is focused on creating and maintaining excellent cultural, work, and physical conditions that attract and retain professional employees.

External Practices

  • One of Pure!’s main objectives is to continue improving our sustainable management practices. We are especially focused in environmentally sound socio-cultural, economic, and environmental areas.  In doing so, our clients are satisfied with the professional services offered.
  • An official sustainable policy and a code of ethics placed by Pure! is the bases of all our undertakings.
  • Pure! is especially known to offer tailor-made services to each client with fair prices and fully transparent operations. We have made it a point to create appealing programs with hands-on and personalized experiences.  This allows our guests to be more involved in the destinations they visit. 
  • Not only is Pure! committed to motivating and training our staff in the principles of sustainable tourism, but also to providers, partners and clients. We make sure everyone is up to date on Pure! Travel Group’s activities and progress in terms of environmental responsibility.  It is also important to Pure! that we involve those who can into these great initiatives, whenever possible. 
  • During a Pure! program, guests are given the opportunity to live out real and authentic experiences. For example, intimate one-on-one cooking classes include shopping for ingredients in the market, just like a local would.  Opportunities such as this are available by the dozen in our various programs. 
  • Pure! has been aware of the major problem plastic creates worldwide for a long time now. Consequently, we have launched a Pure! Travel Group program called “Traveling Without Plastic”.  The initiative provides our customers with an “Eco Kit”.  The Eco Kit includes a reusable shopping bag, reusable water bottle and a document holder made from reused advertising canvas.  In this way, we can contribute to developing a new era of tourism that is conscious and focused on the protection of our planet.

TourCert Certification

By maintaining our TourCert certification we are committed to responsible tourism. Our management and communication systems are designed in accordance with the TourCert policy and are verified by an independent auditor. With the TourCert certification, we commit to continuously improve environmental aspects, labor conditions, and customer information to establish fair business relationships. The agreements with our service providers take environmental, cultural, and economic criteria into consideration in the provision of services, preparation, and selection of our tours.

Currently, Pure! Colombia, Pure! Ecuador, and Pure! Peru each hold the internationally recognized TourCert certification. The rest of our offices are working hard on reaching the same level of corporate sustainability.