Pure! Travel Group Code of Ethics


At Pure! Travel Group adopted a Code of Conduct to provide guidance for compliance which reflects our high standards of legal and ethical behaviors. This code has been developed according to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET). 

Pure! Travel Group code of conduct aims to maximize our tourism activity benefits while minimizing the potential negative impact it could have on the environment, cultural heritage, and local societies in our destinations.   In doing so, cultural and educational tourism is encouraged. 

  • Pure! Travel Group does not accept and will reject any kind of exploitation in regards to human beings including but not limited to child labor, sex tourism, etc. (ESNNA Code) 
  • Pure! Travel Group designs its tours in a way which will protect the natural heritage of the destination, including ecosystems and biodiversity. 
  • Pure! Travel Group creates programs in a way which will respect and preserve the artistic,  archeological, and cultural heritage of the communities found in its destinations. From the financial resources derived from these visits, a proportion will be used for the safeguard of these precious ways of life.    
  • Pure! Travel Group pays all staff and guides according to their position with at least the minimum required minimum wage. 
  • Pure! Travel Group involves local communities who are on the receiving end of economic, social, and cultural benefits.  This also generates direct and indirect jobs for the locals.  
  • Pure! Travel Group integrates local communities in an effort to help raise the standards of living in various areas. 
  • Pure! Travel Group provides visitors with forthright and open information about our  destination, culture, religion, and habits in an effort to create a deeper understanding and  appreciation of the country and its people.  
  • Pure! Travel Group has made available to all visitors a special contact available 24 hours and 7 days a week for any kind of information or assistance they may need during their stay in our destinations.
  • Pure! Travel Group does not accept discrimination in any forms including, but not limited to, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and/or race.  
  • Pure! Travel Group supports and encourages the development of professional skills within  the company by providing regular training and job security. 
  • Pure! Travel Group provides a Traveler Guide for Responsible Tourism to visitors in order to contribute positively to our vision of Responsible Tourism. Clients are asked to take into account the same economic, social, cultural and environmental principles we care about during their travels.
  • ESNNA Poster – Travel Agencies & Tourism Regulations MINCETUR