Aware of the importance of maintaining a sustainable development of tourism, Pure! Travel Group with its offices in Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina is committed to a sustainable management of all its activities. We do this by preventing, eliminating, and reducing negative impacts of our facilities, our labor practices, and the activities located at the destinations offered to clients. In doing so, our clients are satisfied with the professional services delivered.  


We offer organized tours tailored to each client’s preferences for fair prices and full operational  transparency. Our programs are a combination of ecotourism with trips that allow visitors to exchange real life experiences among the locals of our destinations. These types of activities are executed through the visitation of various communities.  The local communities allow for different perspectives for the clients.  For example, they may learn how to cook dishes with local produce, visit local markets and discover both cultural and natural heritages in places of the client’s interest.  


Furthermore, our internal human rights strategy is of significantly important to us.  Our strategy focuses on generating cultural, laboral, and physical  environmental conditions that are necessary to promote the attraction and retention of our  employees.  This in turn provides a healthy setting where our team can grow and prosper both inside and outside of our office locations. 


Moreover, we are committed to motivating and educating our staff, suppliers and clients with the correct training and awareness of what it means to be part of sustainable tourism.  Our company’s actions are guided by basic environmentally sound principles with ever-changing objectives once our set goals are reached. For instance, one of our main objectives is to improve sustainable management by committing to the continuous  improvement in the following areas of socio-cultural, economical, environmental, and customer satisfaction. 

When you travel with Pure! Travel Group, you travel with a tour  operator who desires to create a more sustainable future in the multicultural destinations offered in destinations!