Iberostar Opens new Hotel in September, Lima


In September, you can have the opportunity to enjoy the new Iberostar Hotel, whether, for work or holidays, your experience can be personalized thanks to the excellent service and the incredible facilities in the city of Lima. 

The hotel is located in the Miraflores neighborhood, a fascinating and dynamic place, close to the Pacific Ocean.

Its modern, sober, elegant design, with natural lighting and large windows, make a perfect combination to provide an excellent stay in the holidays you have long-awaited, or for business trips. 

The search for new alternatives that contribute to environmental responsibility is the basis of the hotel. Since last year they have contributed to a circular economy by eliminating the use of single-use plastics. Their quality standards also have added processes such as responsible fishing to ensure gastronomic excellence, participation with community projects, and research to protect natural habitats. 

In addition, the cuisine they offer is undoubtedly a delight during your visit to the incredible city of Lima. Choose from the wide range of Peruvian-Spanish fusion dishes, all designed for an experience full of tranquility, comfort, and exclusivity!

Published in August, 2021

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