Reconnect with the Andean world at La Base Lamay

It is time to explore the Sacred Valley like never before, forehand La Base Lamay. It offers specially crafted activities that truly encourage sustainable and experienced-based tourism practices. This fascinating initiative takes place in Lamay little town, in the Calca province, in the Sacred Valley, near Cusco. This village is home to indigenous communities that […]

Uma Experience Lodge: Your Gateway to Coroico’s Wonders

Looking forward to a secluded and revitalizing rest? Coroico in Bolivia is awaiting you. This little town is about a 2.5-hour drive from La Paz and it is surrounded by an incredible natural world in the Bolivian Amazon. Coroico is steeped with captivating attractions such as the Death Road, the most intrepid route in the […]

Unveiling the enchantment of Casablanca Valley

Have you ever imagined unwinding in a red pool? That’s right, it is the iconic symbol of serene beauty at Hotel Boutique BCW Casablanca. Nestled in Lagunillas town amidst the picturesque landscapes of the Chilean Casablanca Valley, near Santiago, is nowadays renowned as the tenth World Wine Capital. Thanks to its premium wine production and […]

Medellin: Innovation & Must-see Highlights

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure to one of South America’s most captivating destinations? Picture yourself strolling through vibrant streets characterized by street art, savoring the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, and immersing yourself in a city that has transformed itself from a turbulent past into a thriving hub of innovation and […]

Chalalan Ecolodge: Biodiverse, Sustainable & Cultural Paradise

Get captivated by Chalalan Ecolodge,  a place filled to the brim with biodiversity,  pristine forests, adventure, and cultural heritage inside the Madidi National Park in Bolivia.  Immerse yourself in a truly eco-tourism experience in one of the most inspiring Bolivian Amazon locations covered by primary forests with vast flora and fauna, including some trees dating […]

Unveiling Snow Hill Island Wonders

Undertake an unparalleled journey to an unspoiled, snowcapped island, incredibly surrounded by pristine frozen wilderness, which remains untouched by humankind. Located near the southernmost place on Earth, where many adventure enthusiasts drive expeditions or scientific research in the past century for the first time. Now it continues boasting magnificent scenery to new discoveries.  Set up […]

Refugio de Los Volcanes Ecolodge: Natural Beauty & Trekking

Delve into the impressive Bolivian natural beauty, where the rainforests and Andean sceneries converge while you experience an incredible adventure at The Refugio Los Volcanes Ecolodge. It is located in a private reserve on the southern border of the Amboro National Park. To reach the lodge, go from La Paz to Santa Cruz de la […]

Eco-adventure & Biodiversity in Chocó Andino

An unexplored natural paradise is a key point for ecological and sustainable tourism in Ecuador. It is the Chocó Andino of Pichincha, only 45 minutes from Quito.  This incomparable territory is extremely biodiverse, including varied microclimates, steeped pristine forests, streams, waterfalls, endemic flora, and fauna. Find the iconic spectacled bears, olingos, pumas, Chocó toucan, Pichincha’s […]

Seven colors river, Caño Cristales

One of the prominent natural treasures for Colombia and the world is the Caño Cristales river, known as the Seven Colors River or Rainbow River, because of its changing color waters during the rainy season from June until the middle of November. This extraordinary event occurs on the blossoming of the Macarenia Clavigera (an endemic […]

Tarapaya Hot Springs and Incan Baths

Laying on the Tarapaya Hill, 2.6 km north of the Andean city of Potosi, the Tarapaya hot springs is a tourist attraction visited by locals and foreigners alike. At 3,336 meters above sea level, the 50-meter diameter lagoon has an almost perfect circular shape and it is the only thermal spring in the world having […]