Casa Molle Hotel: Retreat & Comfort in Elqui Valley

Looking for a new way of relaxation? The Elqui Valley invites travelers to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and reconnect with a mystic experience. This valley in the Coquimbo Region is featured by vineyards highlighted by wine and Chilean pisco production. Also, it is renowned for its clear skies, which make it […]

Quito: Why is it a top romantic destination?

Romantico Quito Mio… as the lyrics of a popular Ecuadorian song say.  That’s Quito, Ecuador, an enchanting city amidst Andean sceneries to immerse in a romantic atmosphere! Discover Quito, where ancient charm meets modern allure, offering a captivating backdrop for your most intimate moments. Find here why Quito is the best destination for a romantic […]

Cartagena: A perfect honeymoon destination

Every newlywed couple deserves a storybook honeymoon! Cartagena is the right destination for a dream romantic travel. This timeless treasure of the Caribbean coast of Colombia beckons couples with its irresistible blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Due to that, this vibrant city stands as a top romantic destination and honeymoon destination, recognized and […]

Must-visit locations for families in Argentina

Argentina invites you to unlock extraordinary moments with your family. From the vibrant cosmopolitan allure of Buenos Aires and its colonial architecture to the breathtaking natural wonders of Patagonia, the impressive Iguazú Falls, and Puerto Madryn to spot wildlife in its splendor. Also, the taste of the traditional Gaucho lifestyle with delicious Asado. This country […]

Plan an ideal family vacation in Peru

Wondering where to spend your next holiday? Peru is your next stop. It was recently recognized in some renowned news portals such as CNN Travel and The Telegraph as one of the top destinations for vacations because it offers multi-generational travel experiences for all tastes. As one of the most enchanting and multicultural countries, Peru […]

Chachapoyas: A Cultural Amazon Expedition in Peru

Chachapoyas beckons as an enticing gateway to a realm of archaeological marvels, green landscapes, and a vibrant cultural legacy. This destination is the main tourist attraction of the Amazon region, inviting travelers on a journey into the essence of the northern Peruvian jungle. Here every step uncovers a fragment of history, a glimpse of nature’s […]

Explore All Souls’ Day traditional celebrations

Can you believe there is a day to celebrate the dead? It seems contradictory, but it is a bright full commemoration in honor of the dead ancestors that blends rich traditions and culture. Early November is marked in most countries’ calendars to honor their loved ones who passed away, especially those influenced by Catholic traditions. […]

Colca Valley new stylish tent camp lodge

Escape the ordinary and step into a journey that is an adventure itself through the pre-incan remains, and impressive highland sceneries of Peru surrounded by grasslands and canyons. Amidst this stunning environment, the Puqio Hotel awaits you in the Colca Valley, only three hours by car from Arequipa. Puqio facilities include multiple property extensions to […]

What to visit in Santa Cruz, Bolivia?

Are you yearning for a travel experience that is off the beaten path, where natural wonders and cultural delights await your exploration? Look no further than Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. This location is becoming one of the favorite destinations to visit among travelers, as it is the most significant economic center of […]

Reconnect with the Andean world at La Base Lamay

It is time to explore the Sacred Valley like never before, forehand La Base Lamay. It offers specially crafted activities that truly encourage sustainable and experienced-based tourism practices. This fascinating initiative takes place in Lamay little town, in the Calca province, in the Sacred Valley, near Cusco. This village is home to indigenous communities that […]