Seven colors river, Caño Cristales

One of the prominent natural treasures for Colombia and the world is the Caño Cristales river, known as the Seven Colors River or Rainbow River, because of its changing color waters during the rainy season from June until the middle of November. This extraordinary event occurs on the blossoming of the Macarenia Clavigera (an endemic […]

Tarapaya Hot Springs and Incan Baths

Laying on the Tarapaya Hill, 2.6 km north of the Andean city of Potosi, the Tarapaya hot springs is a tourist attraction visited by locals and foreigners alike. At 3,336 meters above sea level, the 50-meter diameter lagoon has an almost perfect circular shape and it is the only thermal spring in the world having […]

Madidi National Park

Madidi National Park is located in the upper basin of Bolivia’s Amazon and has an approximate area of 18,000 square kilometers. This national park is one of the largest protected areas on the planet and its characteristic habitats make it one of the most biodiverse and intact ecosystems in South America. Therefore it has become […]

Maniquis Vineyards

Located in the Colchagua Valley in the heart of central Chile, Maquis is one of the oldest wineries in the region. Before it was bought by the Hurtado Family in 1916, it belonged to two former Chilean presidents, and the Jesuits before that. Eighteen years ago, and four generations after the purchase, the family built […]

Ecolodge el almejal a paradise in the pacific

The Colombian Pacific Coast boasts one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet and is home to the hidden gem of El Almejal,located in Bahía Solano. It is surrounded by two amazing worlds: the Chocó Rainforest with crystal-like rivers and waterfalls; and the Pacific coastline with pristine beaches and magnificent wildlife. The season from […]