Chachapoyas beckons as an enticing gateway to a realm of archaeological marvels, green landscapes, and a vibrant cultural legacy. This destination is the main tourist attraction of the Amazon region, inviting travelers on a journey into the essence of the northern Peruvian jungle. Here every step uncovers a fragment of history, a glimpse of nature’s beauty, and a taste of the country’s rich cultural heritage.

Strategically located just 1 and 45 minutes from Lima by air, Chachapoyas unfolds a diverse panorama that encompasses majestic mountains, and the dense lowland jungle. Within its protective embrace lies hectares of preserved natural wonders, a testament to Peru’s steadfast commitment to safeguarding its ecological treasures. Chachapoyas weaves together the threads of history, culture, and unparalleled beauty, crafting a tapestry that captivates the hearts of all who venture here.

This region boasts many attractions, each more captivating than the last. We recommend spots that highlight the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the region:

  • The Chachapoyas Main Square, where you can find the traditional historical center with colonial mansions, wooden balconies, and a bronze fountain.
  • Visit the Leymebamba Museum to admire the exhibition of mummies, funerary offerings, and prehispanic objects of the ancient Chachapoyas culture.
  • Going around the iconic Kuélap Archaeological Complex, surrounded by an extensive stone wall of 1900 meters. This walled city is an impressive testament to the main political, religious, and military center of the ancient Chachapoyas culture, featured by decorations of rhombus and zig-zag shapes.
  • The Revash Mausoleums is a funerary hub with enigmatic facades embedded in mountains with rectangular graves, that seem like T or cross shapes.
  • The mystical Lagoon of the Condors, houses over 200 mummies, ancient objects, and cave paintings.
  • Quiocta Cavern has 580 meters of depth, there you can find stalagmites and stalactite formations, as well as human remains.
  • Karajía Sarcophagi is located at the top of a cliff and features 2 meters in height sculptures that seem like human figures known by locals as purunmachos. On the inside, there are found preserved mummies with funerary objects.
  • Gocta Waterfalls is the third-highest waterfall in Peru and is the perfect site to admire lush flora and unique fauna.

The Peruvian Amazon department owns the largest voluntary conservation network, with sixteen initiatives that extend over large protected areas. One of the principal private initiatives is ACP Milpuj – The Inheritance. This project is located near the main attractions of the region, which include The House of Doña Lola Lodge, guided trails, organic gardens, a greenhouse, the apiary, farm didactics, find representative species, such as the Andean fox or the owl Koepcke, among others.

The optimal time to visit is April to October, when minimal rainfall ensures clear skies for exploration. To fully savor the charms of Chachapoyas, plan a minimum 5-day stay, and consider extending your journey to include the Moche route in northern Peru for a complete Peruvian adventure.

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Published in December 2023