Are you yearning for a travel experience that is off the beaten path, where natural wonders and cultural delights await your exploration? Look no further than Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia.

This location is becoming one of the favorite destinations to visit among travelers, as it is the most significant economic center of the country, surrounded by treasured cultural and historical heritage. It also owns an unparalleled natural world and warm climate, characteristic of the lowlands of the eastern Andean region in Bolivia. Continue reading the following recommendations to start exploring this marvelous place.

Main activities and attractions

Here you will find the must-visit highlights when traveling to Santa Cruz de la Sierra:

Amboro National Park

One of the most extensive protected areas in Bolivia, boasts diverse ecosystems from cloud rainforests to savannas, home to vast flora and fauna, such as the giant fern trees or many bird and mammal species. Undoubtedly a suitable site for nature enthusiasts.
An ideal place to stay near this national park is the Refugio Los Volcanes Ecolodge to experience many adventurous activities while admiring the wilderness splendor and incredible views of the mountainous scenery.

El Fuerte

An archaeological site near Samaipata which is considered the largest work of cave architecture in the world, that showcases the pre-Incan cultural heritage. These carved stone ruins were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1998. One of the main attractions is to climb to the hilltop to have an incredible view of the valley.

Jesuit Missions

Go around the famous route that the Jesuit missionaries used to evangelize and admire the colonial architecture and churches of the Jesuit towns.

Recommended itineraries

Discover two captivating 3-day journeys. The first route unveils the footsteps of the Jesuit missionaries.

Starting in Santa Cruz and venturing towards the Chiquitanía region. Explore San Xavier, the first Jesuit mission, and the Piedras de Paquío viewpoint. The next day, visit the Concepción missionary complex and the Chiquitania Santa Rita´s community dedicated to the handmade production of cotton fabrics. After that, a visit to San Miguel´s gilded murals, the artisan carving workshops in San Pablo, and the iconic Santa Ana de Velasco Church. On the final day, depart for Concepción and continue your return trip to Santa Cruz.

The second option covers the history of the guerrilla established by Che Guevara and the iconic Samaipata archaeological remains.

Begin in Santa Cruz to Vallegrande. This town was famous for the capture of Ernesto Che Guevara. Once there, you can explore the municipal museum and the paleontological museum. The next day, visit La Higuera to learn more about Che Guevara´s life and hike to Quebrada del Churo. Finally, a visit to El Fuerte in Samaipata and continue your journey back to Santa Cruz.

As a final tip, travel to this region from April to October as those months feature warm weather and less rainfall. For this reason, it is advisable to wear light clothing, but in case the climate changes, it is recommended to carry a jacket and a sweater with you.

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Published in October 2023