Authentic Gaucho Experience in Argentina

Did you know that Argentina has a significant cowboy culture? If you haven’t experienced it yet, you can immerse yourself in the authentic lifestyle of Gauchos just a short drive from Buenos Aires. Gauchos are Argentinian cowboys and expert horsemen who live on the plains and rural areas dedicated to cattle activities and showcase Argentina’s […]

Eco-Adventure: Discover Colombia’s Titi Project

Have you ever imagined diving into the world of unique monkey species found nowhere else on Earth but in the lush tropical forests of Colombia? It is Titi’s Project, an award-winning conservation program to protect cotton-top tamarins. These tiny primates, about the size of a squirrel, are in danger due to deforestation and the illegal […]

Peruvian gastronomy with a familiar touch in Lima

Lima continues boasting its title as the Gastronomy Capital of South America. Peruvian gastronomy currently ranked in the 10th place of The 100 Best Cuisines and Dishes of the World by Taste Atlas, as well as its world-awarded restaurants in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants and the traditional Cebiche recognized as an Intangible Cultural Heritage […]

Pure! Travel Group focuses on Sustainability

Nowadays, in a world seeking meaningful experiences that leave a positive footprint, Pure! Travel Group stands as a top DMC and leading tour operator in South America, not only by its unique tailor-made travel experiences but also by its corporate sustainability practices. Our mission, vision, and core values highlight the strong commitment to promoting responsible […]

La Tirana del Norte Celebration

Delve into a world of rhythms, bright-colored customs, and ancient traditions. The northern Chilean region invites you to experience the cultural wealth embodied in La Tirana Festival, the largest in this region and the country’s principal celebration. Every July it takes place in the Tarapacá Region in honor of the Virgin of Carmen.  Its origin […]

Pure! Ecuador’s “Travel without Plastic”

One of Pure! Travel Group’s responsibilities as a leading DMC and luxury travel operator are to lower the negative impacts of tourism. By doing this, we provide responsible tourism options to travelers who value positive changes while protecting the environment and supporting local communities. Essentially, we help our guests become better eco-tourists! These efforts have […]

A Glimpse of Pure!’s Sustainable Practices

Pure! Travel Group has always been a proud advocate of sustainable travel. We even like to say sustainability is a part of our DNA! Over the years we have developed and implemented in-depth activities, blogs, and videos for our guests and partners. In particular, our new sustainability video has an excellent commentary for new and […]