Pure! Travel Group has always been a proud advocate of sustainable travel. We even like to say sustainability is a part of our DNA! Over the years we have developed and implemented in-depth activities, blogs, and videos for our guests and partners. In particular, our new sustainability video has an excellent commentary for new and experienced travelers alike!

Furthermore, Pure! Travel Group employees also play a large part in our responsible tourism efforts. Our teams participate in various campaigns, projects, and enthusiastic goals and are always excited to inspire each other to live a more conscious lifestyle. For example, we share an internal blog highlighting responsible tourism and how to improve environmental practices at home. Likewise, free training programs are given to team members to share the importance of waste management and other environmental and social aspects. All in all, it helps us provide brighter opportunities to positively benefit the surrounding communities we operate in.

And in harmony with all our efforts, it is an opportune moment to announce the renewal of Pure! Travel Group’s TourCert certification. As a TourCert certified member, we commit to continuously improving environmental aspects, labor conditions, and customer information to establish fair business relationships! As a result, communities are strengthened due to more resources and can preserve their customs, art, and heritage. Meanwhile, our guests achieve a better understanding of the many different cultures and traditions in all of our amazing South American destinations!

As we always have, Pure! Travel Group genuinely cares for the well-being of all local communities, indigenous groups, and environments our travel programs influence. Therefore, we promise to continue practicing sustainable and responsible tourism methods to ensure a safe and healthy planet for future generations to discover and enjoy!

Published in July 2022