Nowadays, in a world seeking meaningful experiences that leave a positive footprint, Pure! Travel Group stands as a top DMC and leading tour operator in South America, not only by its unique tailor-made travel experiences but also by its corporate sustainability practices.

Our mission, vision, and core values highlight the strong commitment to promoting responsible tourism, aligned to SDG goals (Sustainable Developing Goals) always concerned with nature, local communities, and cultural heritage conservation. These aims are impregnated in our company’s DNA and reflected in eco-friendly internal and external practices in the everyday life of our offices.

Internal Practices
As a way to create social and environmental awareness among our staff, every month we generate the following activities:

  • Training programs
    Our staff learns how to recycle products, buy sustainable products, and manage waste in an environmentally friendly way. Also, we train about risk prevention, workplace health, and best practices in travel and tourism.

  • Pure! Internal Blog
    Additionally, we send a monthly internal newsletter with emphasis on important ecological dates, useful information about sustainability trends and eco-travel, as well as, activities for team integration.

  • Additional practices
    In our offices we use recycled paper, we buy eco-cleaning products, the waste is handled according to recycling policies, and we use reusable bottles and containers to bring food instead of using plastics. In some of our offices, we own our organic garden. Also, we support some local foundations with social and environmental initiatives.

External Practices

  • Policies & Code of Ethics
    We developed a sustainability policy, a code of ethics, and a code of conduct ESNNA to establish a reference framework for our company’s actions to motivate and educate our staff, suppliers, and clients; as well as to be aware and get involved in the conservation of the environment and the respect of local cultures for a better world and the accomplishment of our sustainability goals.

  • Travel without Plastic initiative
    Our continuous compromise with responsible tourism led us a year ago to start a pilot project in our Ecuador office to avoid using plastic in our tours to minimize the environmental impact. This initiative for our travelers during their travel program was the design of an Eco Kit (which includes a reusable bag made of 100% cotton by female artisans and a reusable stainless steel bottle). Over this time, the project implementation was a success, so by 2024, we will replicate this in the rest of our offices.

  • Community-based tourism
    Our tailored-made services assure you the opportunity to live authentic experiences at the hands of locals to learn about their extraordinary traditions and culture.

  • Digital documentation system
    One of our purposes this year was to continue innovating by the hand of green practices in our daily activities. Therefore, to reduce the use of paper for delivering printed travel documents to our clients, we digitize them. We use on-trend technology via a user-friendly platform of easy access to the documents by a QR system.

  • Pure! Carbon Footprint Calculator
    We are currently working on a pilot project in Ecuador in which we have developed a carbon footprint calculator that measures the footprint of the tours developed by our services. We are excited to have this project running by 2024.

  • Sustainable suppliers
    All of our offices’ Product Managers take into consideration suppliers that have sustainable policies or practices as a plus when creating unique experiences for our clients.

Sustainable Certifications

Over the years our company has become even more eco-friendly across the board, and due to that, our efforts have been recognized among sustainable companies worldwide by a TourCert certification since 2017. Nowadays, our offices in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru hold this recognition, however, we continue developing programs for the rest of our offices to obtain this certification soon.

Pure! Travel Group invites you to support eco-travel options that make a difference to your client’s experiences in every journey and allow us to preserve the wonders of our world for generations to come. Feel free to contact us for more information about sustainable travel tours.

Published in December 2023