Have you ever imagined diving into the world of unique monkey species found nowhere else on Earth but in the lush tropical forests of Colombia?

It is Titi’s Project, an award-winning conservation program to protect cotton-top tamarins. These tiny primates, about the size of a squirrel, are in danger due to deforestation and the illegal trade of species. This program allows visitors to contribute to the long-term survival of the monkeys by supporting research and environmental education projects with the local community.

This fascinating journey starts with a three-mile hike into the tropical dry forest, in Los Limites, one hour approximately from Cartagena. During this hike, you will discover the cotton-top tamarins in their natural habitat, chirping and whistling. As well as spotting the endemic flora and fauna of the region. Visit local farmers and learn how eco-friendly agriculture is used to protect the forests. Then, while you enjoy lunch, you will have the chance to share time with local award-winning artisans and discover their experience of hand-making eco-friendly bags, tote bags, and pursues from recycled materials.

The complete activity is a perfect stop for those travelers interested in an overland trip from Cartagena to Santa Marta. It usually develops in the mornings and may take approximately four hours and a half. It is recommended for nature enthusiasts, adventurers, and travelers passionate about conservation programs, local community programs, eco-tourism, and environmental protection projects.

The best time to visit this site is during the dry season, spanning from December to July offering favorable conditions for easily traversing the terrain. Also, travelers need to be prepared to experience higher temperatures during this period.

Additionally, we recommend the following visits for those hungry for further exploration of Colombia’s natural wonders. If your journey leads you to Santa Marta, consider a detour to Barranquilla to explore the city’s iconic landmarks like Malecón del Río, Ventana del Mundo, and Aleta del Tiburón. Besides, you can take advantage of iconic tourist destinations, such as Tayrona National Park and the Lost City.

Also, you can venture through La Boquilla on your way to Cartagena and partake in a canoe ride through the mangroves, or indulge in birdwatching in the afternoon for a truly immersive experience in Colombia’s natural splendor.

Sustainable travel options await your clients in Colombia! Include this initiative in your next itineraries for them to enjoy the marvels of the Colombian rainforest and its species while supporting its conservation. Feel free to contact Pure! Colombia Tour Operator for more information and tailor-made tours.

Published in February 2024