Choquequirao: Newest trekking lover’s adventure in Peru

Picture yourself through ancient ruins, shrouded in mist, with only the sound of your footsteps echoing against centuries-old stone walls. Welcome to Choquequirao, a hidden archaeological gem often referred to as the ”Sister of Machu Picchu”. Nowadays, Choquequirao stands out as a new attraction that is becoming popular among adventurous travelers and was recently recommended […]

Guide to Visit Patagonia: Argentina or Chile?

Where the majesty of nature knows no bounds, where towering peaks touch the sky, and where pristine wilderness awaits your exploration. Welcome to the enchanting Patagonia, a land of raw beauty and unparalleled adventure. In the southern tip of South America, stretching across Chile and Argentina, this vast territory beckons intrepid travelers with its awe-inspiring […]

Best Hiking Routes in Ecuador

Currently, Ecuador ranks as one of the favorite sustainable destinations worldwide due to its astounding biodiversity, thus, this is the opportunity to start a fantastic outdoor adventure for natural enthusiasts to uncover Ecuador’s popular trekkings! These routes promise captivating sceneries steeped with endemic Andean wildlife. From the impressive shadow of Cotopaxi to the tranquil waters […]

Journey Through Time in the End of the World Train

​​Imagine a place in southern Argentina where, amid rugged terrain and a boundless sea, The End of the World Station, Ushuaia. It’s not just a destination; it is an adventure that invites you to discover extraordinary stories and the mysteries of the unknown. Your adventure starts seven kilometers from Ushuaia; it offers an extraordinary travel […]

3 Top Brewering Destinations in South America

South America, with its diverse sceneries, and captivating cultures, has recently become a hotspot for craft beer enthusiasts. Brewing is very popular in South America as this beverage is one of the favorites among the population during social gatherings, sports events, and summer days. Besides, there exist innovative ideas and the possibility of experimentation with […]

Ocean Nova: Brand new, Pure! Antarctica Air-Cruise

Did you know that exists a magnificent solution for reaching Antarctica without crossing through the Drake Passage’s rough waters? Yes, there exists an air-cruise trip that allows you to enjoy all the White Continent wonders by offering a direct flight from Punta Arenas to the Antarctic Peninsula to later connect you to your selected tour […]

Top Whale-Watching Destinations in South America

The season for one of the most impressive natural spectacles has finally arrived! Every year the South American coasts surrounded by warm waters host a suitable scenery for whales mating rituals and breeding. Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience as we unveil the best destinations on this enchanting continent that offer awe-inspiring encounters with these […]

Meet the adventure in Popayan

For years Popayan has been recognized for its historical traditions as one of the first cities of America and for its picturesque colonial architecture, featuring white buildings, hence it is called the White City. However, its surroundings are steeped with incredible natural beauty, making it the ideal place to experience adventure in every corner with […]

Embark on a dream Antarctic voyage

Delve into a high-class experience in the White Continent on the Ocean Endeavour Cruise.  Take a fascinating journey across the Antarctic Ocean on an extraordinary ship. It is equipped with spacious and comfortable cabins, all of which are designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Includes a capacity for 400 guests and all […]

The Atacama Desert,  stargazing and more!

Nowadays, there is an increasing commitment of travelers to find unexpected spots and adventures. One of the world-renowned outdoor experiences to disconnect from everyday life, undoubtedly, is the dreamy starry sky, which is among the driest lands along the Atacama Desert in Chile. It’s no wonder, over the years, this destination is becoming one of […]