Picture yourself through ancient ruins, shrouded in mist, with only the sound of your footsteps echoing against centuries-old stone walls. Welcome to Choquequirao, a hidden archaeological gem often referred to as the ”Sister of Machu Picchu”.

Nowadays, Choquequirao stands out as a new attraction that is becoming popular among adventurous travelers and was recently recommended by National Geographic magazine as a top trekking destination in Peru.

What makes Choquequirao unique? 

This secluded highlight is exclusively for the most intrepid travelers seeking a deeper connection with history and nature as the only way to reach this site is by a 2-day trek traversing rugged terrain and lush valleys. Undoubtedly, witnessing the contrast between the Andean scenery and the rainforest landscapes is truly worth it. 

Although this archaeological complex located 3,033 meters above sea level dates back around the year 1500, it remained undiscovered for almost four centuries until researchers and archaeologists started studies and shared its historical value as of 1909. Also, as part of Peru’s National Heritage, it is a magical destination waiting to be discovered and the perfect site to create exciting memories. 

What to do in a Choquequirao tour? 

Experience the strong connection with ancestral vibes of this Incan citadel located between the Cusco and Apumirac departments. Beholding the awe-inspiring remnants of a stone complex with different areas, including main squares, temples, cultivation terraces, warehouses, and sacred terraces, formerly a key political, commercial, cultural, and religious Inca center. Also, admire 22 engravings on some stones with figures known as Llamas del Sol, arranged on 15 platforms in the direction of the snowy Q’ory Hauyrachina. 

Once there, you can explore the surroundings and be part of outdoor activities such as spotting local flora and fauna, camping, and horseback riding. 

Tips for Choquequirao Trek 

  • The best time to travel to this region is from April to October during the dry season. 
  • The trip is recommended for trekking enthusiasts and those interested in archaeology. 
  • It is suggested to acclimatize yourself before the trip to Choquequirao by making one or two full-day trekking to get used to the walking rhythm.
  • Be sure to pack essentials such as sturdy hiking boots, warm clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, a reusable water bottle, a hat, and a first aid kit.   
  • If you are still looking for more adventure you can join the 3-day trail to Machu Picchu, depending on your experience and health conditions.

Take advantage of the wide range of trekking trails to appreciate impressive Andean Peruvian sceneries and visit unique Inca archaeological remains. Get ready for new adventures with Pure! Peru. As your trusted local tour operator with an expert team, it will be a pleasure to help you plan personalized tours and experiences for your clients to enjoy Peru’s rich cultural heritage and biodiversity. 

Published in March 2024