​​Imagine a place in southern Argentina where, amid rugged terrain and a boundless sea, The End of the World Station, Ushuaia. It’s not just a destination; it is an adventure that invites you to discover extraordinary stories and the mysteries of the unknown.

Your adventure starts seven kilometers from Ushuaia; it offers an extraordinary travel experience. You can enjoy comfortable travel in heated carriages that provide panoramic views of the Pipo River, mountains, and marshlands. There are three options: Tourist, Luxury First Class, and VIP, each offering preferred boarding and priority service. You can indulge in local delights and beverages during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, including specially crafted menus for children.

The best time to embark on this journey to Tierra del Fuego is between April and September when the weather is pleasant and the waterfall scenery is most magnificent. While the End of the World Station is open year-round, avoiding crowds during the Easter and July summer holidays is advisable. Plan your activities around the 5-hour journey, allowing you to explore Tierra del Fuego National Park. Wear comfortable shoes for exploring, especially around Ensenada Bay, a unique ecosystem blending the Andes, sub-Antarctic Forest, and sea. Explore archaeological sites and visit the last post office in America (closed in winter). The journey also includes visits to scenic spots like Acigami Glacier Lake and Lapataia Bay, marking the end of the Pan American route.

In 1902, engineer Catello Muratgia established the Ushuaia prison and introduced the xylocarril, a wooden-rail train powered by a steam locomotive, shaping the region’s landscape. Later transformed into a narrow-gauge railway, it became Ushuaia’s lifeline. In 1994, Tranex Turismo S.A. revived the End of the World Train, offering a nostalgic seven-kilometer journey from the city to the End of the World Station. Passengers enjoy picturesque views of landmarks like the Pipo River and Macarena Waterfall through expansive windows. Onboard, stories of prisoners, narrated in seven languages, blend with the gentle chugging, recreating the historical atmosphere.

The End of the World Train offers more than just a ride; it’s a journey through time and a unique opportunity to connect with the past while experiencing the pristine beauty of Tierra del Fuego. Step aboard and let history come to life during this extraordinary journey. Your ticket to the past awaits you at the End of the World Station. Discover this mesmerizing experience and be carried away by history. Contact our Pure! Argentina team for more information here.

Published in November 2023