Private Overflight Chiribiquete

Colombia - Amazon

Overflight one of the biggest diversity areas in Colombia and watch over the majestic natural designed rocks within the northwest of the Amazon basin. Its size is about as big as the country of Switzerland. A great place with a lot of mystery and considered a unique jewel. The Chiribiquete, meaning “Hill that draws paintings” in the Carijona language, was declared Unesco World Heritage Place in 2018.

Our tour starts from Bogota and it travels south to the Amazonian Jungle, an area that is the most unexplored place in the plant and one of the most inaccessible areas in Colombia. Within the National Park, there are still indigenous tribes that have never contacted the western civilization.

Strict restrictions were in place until 2019 after a lot of work the overflights were once again permitted. There are still regulations in place and access restrictions to control arrival of tourism in the area and the impact it can produce. This hard task is performed by the Natural Parks Agency with a big effort and low resources but taking care of a territory like this one is not an easy job yet important for our ecosystem.  There is a huge variety of wildlife at this magical place.  A lot of this species are still unknown.

Permits are extremely limited so make sure to reserve yours in advance. This is truly once in a lifetime experience to truly explore the unexplored.

Published in March, 2021

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