Gustu Restaurant

La Paz - Bolivia

South from the city of La Paz, we find one of the top 50 best restaurants around the world. Gustu Restaurant works with great respect for each local ingredient from the Andean to the Amazon region in Bolivia.

The restaurant and also cooking school were opened in 2013 inspired by the local cultural diversity. The project was created by Danish culinary entrepreneur Claus Meyer with the vision of inspiring a new generation of chefs that will work exclusively with local ingredients. This aimed to support the local farmers in this landlocked destination. Today, they have 13 other schools open with already 2500 and more people graduated with a great hiring rate.

Gustu in Quechua means “flavor”. Their 8-course tasting menu can be paired with a selection of local wines or local artisan beer. Even if you request a Coca Cola at the restaurant because they only offer what is locally made. There is an open kitchen so you can see the busy yet organized kitchen activity while you sip on coca tea. Great attention to detail and the presentation of every dish making your dining experience the best during your trip to Bolivia.

Contact us to plan your trip to Bolivia and include a reservation in advance to Gustu which you can’t miss out on. Dare and dine unique dishes such as the pink llama loin served with fermented carrots and coca oil, show the innovative fusion of local ingredients creating unique flavors and colorful dishes.

Published in May, 2021

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