Easter Island Reopens!


After over two years of Covid-19 closure, the Chilean government has finally announced the gradual re-opening of Easter Island beginning August 1st of 2022. For Pure! Chile it is an exciting advancement for one of the country’s biggest tourist attractions located over 2,000 miles from the Chilean coast. Soon, our guests will once again be able to visit the infamous World Heritage Site of stone statues with giant heads, carved many centuries ago by the island inhabitants.

The re-opening of Easter Island will happen in small increments. First, changes will be made to improve the infrastructure of the Mataveri Airport, including appropriate biosecurity measures. The island will eventually allow two to three weekly flights, compared to the one flight that was previously used strictly for humanitarian purposes to provide for the island inhabitants.

Pure Chile! is very optimistic about the future possibilities of returning to Easter Island! If you have any questions regarding the upcoming tourist activities to be resumed, please do not hesitate to contact our Pure! Chile representative.

Published in June, 2022

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