A New Adventure Awaits in Chile

One of Chile’s main attractions is the thrill of new and exciting adventures surrounded by flawless nature. The longest of all South American countries is home to stunning landscapes that make you feel tiny among the towering mountains, forests, meadows, rivers, and glaciers. The peaceful silence of the scenic and rugged terrains, fragile ecosystems, and […]

Wine Tour Escapade in Buenos Aires

Located in Campana, Argentina, the Bodega Gamboa vineyard is just under an hour’s travel from the capital city of Buenos Aires. The vineyard was established 12 years ago with the intention to one day provide opportunities for tourism in the future. In the present day, a well-thought-out day excursion to Bodega Gamboa is finally available […]

Pure! Ecuador’s “Travel without Plastic”

One of Pure! Travel Group’s responsibilities as a leading DMC and luxury travel operator are to lower the negative impacts of tourism. By doing this, we provide responsible tourism options to travelers who value positive changes while protecting the environment and supporting local communities. Essentially, we help our guests become better eco-tourists! These efforts have […]

Worth the Visit Aboard the M/C Ocean Spray

Introducing the Luxury M/C Ocean Spray…The M/C Ocean Spray cruise is a luxury catamaran suited for 16 passengers with a competent crew, ready to deliver an experience of a lifetime in the Galapagos Islands. This exclusive double-hulled, spacious, and comfortable vessel navigates the many islands, islets, and channels of the Galapagos archipelago. In addition to […]

Skiing in Chile Isn’t as Chilly As You Think!

The Andes Mountain Range is the second highest in the world with plenty of snow-capped peaks and valleys. It is no wonder Chile is becoming a distinguished winter sports destination for skiing in perfect conditions. Even more so for North American ski enthusiasts looking to get their thrills in the summer months, Chile has everything […]

A Glimpse of Pure!’s Sustainable Practices

Pure! Travel Group has always been a proud advocate of sustainable travel. We even like to say sustainability is a part of our DNA! Over the years we have developed and implemented in-depth activities, blogs, and videos for our guests and partners. In particular, our new sustainability video has an excellent commentary for new and […]