Located in Campana, Argentina, the Bodega Gamboa vineyard is just under an hour’s travel from the capital city of Buenos Aires. The vineyard was established 12 years ago with the intention to one day provide opportunities for tourism in the future. In the present day, a well-thought-out day excursion to Bodega Gamboa is finally available and is the result of those initial plans that were first planted over a decade ago. Now, an incredible vineyard and gastronomic tour for visitors looking to escape the city of Buenos Aires will arrive at Bodega Gambia with unique experiences in store.

To begin, the Bodega Gamboa is an exceptional vineyard set within a small oasis. The naturally beautiful area invites guests to lose themselves in the beauty of the delicate vines, wild fields, poplars, and lagoons. Even better, this amazing getaway is easily accessible while remaining exclusive. Visitors can discover many different wines, including exquisite limited editions from all corners of Argentina like Mendoza and the famed Malbec variety.

To kick off the beginning of the full-day outing is a welcoming introduction with a tour of Bodega Gamboa’s grounds. Visitors will meet their guide and a tour of the vineyard will begin. As the exploration of the vineyard takes place, guides will explain the history, glamour, and characteristics of the region and the countryside estate.

Shortly after, the tour will return to a tastefully decorated gazebo set in the heart of the vineyard. Awaiting the guests will be an opportune moment to enjoy a private tasting of the exclusive labels bottled at the vineyard in the area of Campana, and even some from Mendoza. Of course, the wine will be accompanied by a selection of fine cheeses and other delicious morsels. Following the wonderful taste-testing and identifications of the wine samplings, hungry appetites will no longer be teased as lunch will be ready at the Gamboa House.

The Gamboa House is one of the main highlights of the day’s experiences. The restaurant has an astonishing gallery and an outstanding view of the estate’s library. From this very setting is where guests will enjoy the creation of Gamboa’s chef called the “Terruño Experience”. Essentially, it is composed of a menu with specific steps coordinated especially in line with the house wines, dishes, and perfect pairings for the ultimate gastronomic adventure. Guests will have plenty of time to savor each moment accompanied by the chef and can inquire to their hearts’ content in regards to the origins of both the produce and wines and how to best pair them with dishes.

During the Terruño Experience, guests will be taken through three different settings prepared to take them on a culinary journey step by step. As each meal is presented as an entree, labels from Bodega Gamboa will be continuously paired throughout each course. First, there will be an extraordinary set of appetizers ranging between a variety of cheeses and traditional Argentinian delectables such as empanadas. Continuing on with the surprises are the main courses with options for all preferences prepared on the grill and finally, one last set to crave for anyone with a sweet tooth. The dessert arrangement provides every desirable attraction one can think of! And as anticipated, wine pairings will continue to be offered to best compliment the desserts for an amazing finale to such a wonderful feast.

Nevertheless, even though it seems as though it is just another special menu, guests are never quite prepared for the exceptional setting and unbelievable surprises the Gamboa Chef and owners of Bodega Gamboa have created. The menu and tour will unmistakably transport guests to another dimension of discovery in the amazing microclimate of Campana while obtaining a proper experience of fine dining and wine pairings.

If you would like to learn more about this experience just outside of the capital city of Buenos Aires, please do not hesitate to contact your Pure! Argentina contact today! Tours are available now and you can create an unforgettable experience for your client that will leave them amazed!

Published in August 2022