One of Chile’s main attractions is the thrill of new and exciting adventures surrounded by flawless nature. The longest of all South American countries is home to stunning landscapes that make you feel tiny among the towering mountains, forests, meadows, rivers, and glaciers. The peaceful silence of the scenic and rugged terrains, fragile ecosystems, and diverse local cultures best showcase what makes Chile so appealing to any outdoorsman – or woman. The incredible destinations that summarize the descriptions we speak of makeup many of Chile’s National Parks. This leads us to introduce Chile’s newest game-changing attraction occupying one-third of the country – The “Route of the Parks” or “Ruta de Los Parques”.

This impressive road trip will lead self-driving and travel enthusiasts on an epic journey through 17 of Chile’s most beautiful national parks and over ten other important Reserves. The route begins in Puerto Montt and continues for 1700 miles all the way down to Cabo de Hornos. Not only will you pass through numerous flourishing and rich regions of Chile on the scenic route, but you will get to know Chile’s culture on a more personal level. Over 60 different local and native communities are part of the drive, of whom will all benefit financially and sustainably from the newly developed tourism the route will bring.

Of great interest is the exclusive passport you receive when you begin the Route of the Parks. Upon the start of the route, the passport book will have a special page dedicated to stamping each visit to the 17 extraordinary parks. This luxury adventure is an entirely new way to discover Chile. You can go at your own pace and thoroughly enjoy the protected heritage of the Chileans, not to mention the pristine natural beauty. The online site for the Route of the Parks has descriptions of each park and reserve, highlighting their unique attractions, and providing maps and additional information for the curious explorer looking for something different for their Chilean travels.

In total, there are more than 28 million acres of national parklands that will benefit from this new conservation project. As you explore the thousands of miles of sea and land routes, you’ll be supporting the care of 24 ecosystems, 140 species of birds, and 46 different mammals. In turn, this will ensure a healthy environment for future generations, halting the loss and degradation of these important habitats and their natural dynamics. Altogether, it is an impressive 91% of protected Chilean lands, uniting the Chilean regions of Los Lagos, Aysén, Magallanes, and Chiloé.

If you are looking to get started on planning this fantastic new opportunity that is full of adventurous spirit, not to mention the most important conservation route in the world that you can visit, you can see the “La Ruta de Los Parques” website online.

Even better, you can reach out to your Pure! Chile representative today for the best inside scoop on this new initiative brought to us by the government of Chile in partnership with Rewilding Chile.

All things considered, when it comes to the most beautiful scenic route in the world, it didn’t have to be constructed, it is as clear as the Chilean sky that it already exists – and it is available to you now in Chile!

Published in August 2022