When to Travel to Peru

Many of you have been waiting patiently to start rethinking your travel plans to Peru and it couldn’t come at a better time as travel has once more taken off!

The first step is deciding where you want to go and what you want to do. Fortunately, Peru is so diverse that you can choose from three fascinating destinations such as the coastal desert, snow-capped Andean summits, or the humid expanses of the rainforest. Each region has its seasonal months highlighting the best times to visit, making Peru a great country to visit any time of the year. However, that doesn’t mean that you should leave your plans last minute. Early booking is crucial if you want to enjoy it at its best.

The months between May and October are sunny with blue skies and chilly nights. This is the time period you want for trekking, hiking, sightseeing and overall outdoor activities. It is also Peru’s “dry” or drier season as the weather can still bring rain seeing as the extreme terrains cause unpredictable climates.

The rainier months are between November and March. During these months the rain will bring bright green and lush vegetation, while coastal Peru is flourishing from December to February. One thing to keep in mind, high levels of rainfall may find some places temporarily closed. Otherwise, you can take advantage of low season rates, and fewer tourists, and even with higher rainfall in the Amazon, flora, and fauna are still plentiful. Nevertheless, you can always feel free to contact your Pure! Peru contact to help you find the best time of year, method of arrival, and type of trip you need.

No matter what time of year, Peru is an amazing destination with an abundance of opportunities! Contact your Peru – Pure! Travel Group partners to begin planning today to beat the crowds and secure the trip of a lifetime!

Published in June, 2022

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