Welcome to Galapagos, Aqua Mare!


The Galapagos Islands are about to welcome a new “species” of luxury defined cruising. The Aqua Mare is a 16-passenger 50 meter Italian super yacht with world-class pedigree. The yacht is lavishly designed with 30% more indoor volume than most others and boasts 7 large suites. One of these suites is an impressive 80-square-meter master suite – the largest of any Galapagos cruise – and comes with an exclusive butler service.

Elegant finishing and wood work is found throughout all indoor and outdoor social spaces, with an interior design complementing the greatest spectacle of evolution for which the Galapagos Islands are infamous. An exclusive Beach Club is found on the lower deck where guests can relax after an amazing day of adventure and exploration.

During any of the 8 or 15 day cruises the Aqua Mare offers, guests will be led by two expert Naturalist Guides to discover the world’s most dynamic landscapes, incredible volcanic scenery, and endemic wildlife that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet. Additionally, with a one to one ratio of crew to passenger, guests will experience the ultimate retreat while exploring these enchanted islands with a privileged advantage of dedicated service. If you have been waiting for the most impressive Galapagos cruise to come along, it has finally arrived and will be ready to leave port for discovery in May of 2022! Contact us for more information to send your clients on this extraordinary expedition!

Published in February, 2022

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