Urban Culture Meets Creativity in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Who would have thought that Argentina could be home to the greatest works of art in the genre of graffiti! Argentina’s colorful and exuberant street art is a highly praised form of artwork in Buenos Aires, the capital city. Otherwise known as the Paris of South America and home to the fiery tango, Buenos Aires is now an urban spectacle that provides a perfect combination of sightseeing, gastronomy, and cultural experiences.  

The contemporary works of many artists and their creative pieces are part of an organization called Buenos Aires Street Art.  By showcasing the work done by local and even international artists to express themselves, the city has its very own urban art district encouraging diversity and equality.  Argentina now sits on an international scale, celebrating and showcasing street art to a global audience.

What’s more, with Pure! Argentina at your aid, you will have experienced B2B travel agents to help you design a personalized itinerary, leading to the exploration of the best urban art highlights.  Combined with other great city attractions, neighborhoods such as Colegiales, Chacarita, Villa Crespo, and Palermo can be discovered, each representing a rich variety of talent and styles, just as surprising as the last!

Published in March, 2022

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