Train Cemetery - a mysterious steel graveyard!

Uyuni, Bolivia

The Salar de Uyuni is one of the most magnificent and impressive natural attractions in Bolivia, or better yet, the world!  In fact, it is such an imposing and dramatic landscape, it is one of Earth’s only features that can be distinguished and viewed from the moon!

Nonetheless, as extraordinary as the world’s largest salt flats can be, they are also filled with the history of day’s past. They may even come off a bit mysterious.  For example, one of the most frequented highlights of the salt flats is Train Cemetery.  These steel giants once served a purpose, if not briefly in the 1930s. Shortly afterward they were left to stand the tests of time against the wind and gusts of salt forevermore on the high Andean plains of Bolivia.

The abandoned locomotive graveyard gives off an incredible ambiance and is definitely worth the visit to the rusty, hollowed-out bodies.  There are actually quite a few train cars and cabs, each having given their last chug and whistle in this incredible landscape.  In the early mornings or late evenings, the colors displayed on the horizon create an atmosphere that simply cannot be missed!  This is why Pure! Bolivia is the best choice you can make to create moments that won’t be just another visit on the agenda, but rather a total experience! Contact your Pure! Bolivia travel agent today to get started on some exciting programs!

Published in March, 2022

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