Tierra Chiloé - Chiloé Island


Located in a prime spot on the island of Chiloé, we find the magnificent property of Tierra Chiloé. It’s a great option for a luxury and adventure mix vacation complemented with relaxing and experiences with the local culture.

The hotel includes activities off the beaten path, hiking, kayaking, or just mingling with the locals. It is the fifth-largest island in South America with undulating hills, wild dense forest, and remote national parks.

This Virtuoso property is 45 minutes approximately from the local airport by car. Flights to Castro Airport from Santiago de Chile depart once every day except Thursdays and Saturdays. Alternatively, you can fly to Puerto Montt but the transfer to the hotel can take up to 3.5 hours by car.

Its personalized service is catered among guests within its 28 rooms divided into three categories. Superior Rilan overlooks the inland sea area, and you can enjoy the sunrise in the mornings from the comfort of your bed. Superior Pullao overlooks the lush wetlands with shorebirds. Lastly, the Suites with ocean views are very spacious and cozy. Spa and wellness are very important to complement your vacation and return home renewed. They offer different spa treatments and a swimming pool with an amazing inland view.

Integrating sustainability, the hotel has managed to fusion the local culture and the hotel. Its unique architecture was designed to take advantage of the local climate.

Published in May, 2021

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