Private Sailing tour with private chef and cooking class, Lima Peru
Lima has one of the most stunning views from the ocean, and Pure! Peru can offer you an authentic experience to see Lima’s coastline from a different perspective. Get on board a beautiful sailboat with two sails, perfect for a day excursion at the ocean.
This trip begins at the Marina Club where you will depart towards the Bay of La Punta and then continue to Chucuito, the Camotal, Cabezo Norte, Isla San Lorenzo and ends at the Palomino Island. Throughout this experience you can be in complete contact with nature, you will be immersed in the beautiful sea fauna from Peru.
This excursion can be organized throughout the year. Nonetheless, we recommend doing it during the summer months of November and April because you would be able to swim in the ocean and have a sunny blue sky. Don’t miss the chance to see sea lions, penguins and other fauna from the Pacific Ocean.
While on board take the opportunity to have a ceviche cooking class demonstration, with a local Peruvian chef, you will learn about the ceviche tradition and also get ready to prepare this traditional peruvian dish that has become so popular worldwide.

Published in February, 2021

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