Paragliding Tandem Flights In Sacred Valley
If you have ever wondered how flying over green lush valleys and breathing the purest air would feel like, this 30-minute paragliding activity over the Sacred Valley is just for you. The Sacred Valley of the Incas is the eternal home of Machu Picchu, built in the 15th century for Inca Emperor Pachacuti. Here is where dramatic peaks, rivers and archaeological sites merge to create a perfect and must-see stop in your journey to the Inca Empire.

The paragliding flight is an experience of a lifetime, not many are lucky enough to enjoy the views of this ancient valley from above, while the expert and experienced guide takes you on this journey. The experienced team on site will guide you from beginning to end, and will welcome you back on land with delicious snacks and drinks to celebrate the success of your flight.

Pure! Peru works with the best suppliers offering incomparable experiences in land and air alike.

Published in October, 2020

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