Moon Valley Tour


Escape from the city and enjoy the outdoors at the “Valle de la Luna” at just 10 kilometers from La Paz, Bolivia. This area is formed by oddly rocky formations, produced by erosion, that makes you feel you are on another planet!

As you walk around the valley let your creativity be the guide on many unique photos. This area is a complex labyrinth of spires and canyons created by sandstone and clay making it very vulnerable to the elements. The colors differ from brown, beige and in some areas, red depending on the minerals within the rock. It is a must in your bucket list of places to visit! You can also visit the “Cactario” where you will find 32 different species of cactus.

The trail takes about 45 minutes; however, the valley sits at a high altitude (3,825maslv / 12,549fasl) so take your time during the hike.

Published in March, 2021

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