New Explora in Patagonia, Aysen


We are proud and happy to announce that Explora will be opening a new lodge in the region of Aysen, located in southern Chile, 5 hours and 30 minutes from Balmaceda Airport. In November of this year, the project will start in the Patagonia National Park together with the Tompkins Conservation Foundation. This partnership will allow Explora to be part of a heritage and cultural conservation work with the clear purpose of creating awareness about the fragility of natural territories and the protection they need so that they can be used by future generations. 

In addition to the conservation activities, the project offers luxury, comfortable and homely accommodation with common areas such as a restaurant, bar, living room, and shop.

Adventurous travelers and nature lovers can count on Pure! Chile to organize their personalized visit to the park, in which they can contribute to the project while exploring the natural landscapes and conservation knowledge in the company of guides who are experts in the flora, fauna, and geography of the place.

Knowing the territory makes the experience more enriching and unique so that travelers can immerse themselves in the culture, become familiar with the traditions, and be part of great possibilities for this extraordinary project. For Explora, the visit of conscious travelers plays a vital role for the perpetuity of the life of all landscapes, since the participation in deep and active conservation is the main motivation, without leaving aside that they are incredible places that allow to release and renew energies, to relax, to discover and to adventure.

Published in August, 2021

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