Nawelpi Lodge

Ecological Reserve Huilo Huilo - Chile

Join us in one of the best experiences in the Chilean Lake District. Take a detour and enjoy nature at Nawelpi Lodge where you will have the best service inside the Ecological Reserve Huilo Huilo. 

This privately protected biological reserve stands in the middle of the Patagonian Andes in Southern Chile. The reserve seeks to protect this area through conservation, community involvement, and sustainable tourism practices. It covers about 100,000 hectares of land and due to the conservation practices since 1998, the biodiversity you can find is one of the best around the world. You can arrive at the reserve by car, or by helicopter.

Nawelpi Lodge offers 12 spacious suites, each with its own terrace, scattered down the shores of the Fui River and surrounded by luscious forest trees. The main area offers comfortable lounging areas, also bar and restaurant service is available offering a diverse menu with signature dishes. Guests can also access the spa area for massages, facials, and body treatments. There is also a sauna, hot springs, and an outdoor pool. The local guides are amazing, and you will have a menu of 40 adventures to choose from such as hiking excursions, birdwatching, horseback riding, kayaking, mountain biking, and much more!

If you are a fan of artisan crafted beer, we recommend stopping at the Petermann Brewery during your visit.  Their beer is made locally with pristine waters from Southern Patagonia!

Published in April, 2021

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