Hotel Las Majadas Pirque


Learn about this magical place, Las Majadas Hotel and Convention Center and its surroundings of centuries-old nature, a Palace with venues specially designed for teamwork, a restaurant with true local cuisine, besides many activities that will make you live a true experience while visiting Chile.

Among the activities you can enjoy while visiting this magnificent property are:
Learn how to grow herbs and vegetables with Chef Marcelo Saldaña in a journey that will take you from the kitchen garden to a cuisine experience. Expect an indulgent evening with our exquisite cuisine, peaceful park, and relaxing hotel.

During your stay, you can also enjoy the best wines production and delight yourself with a wine tasting session. Biking tours around the vineyards are an additional excursion offered at Las Majadas Hotel, enjoy the most picturesque landscapes of the central valleys of Chile while learning about wine production.

Additionally, if you are more into adventure and outdoors, this property offers horseback riding excursions through the Chilean Andes with different levels of intensity and durations depending on the rider’s expertise. Condor’s sighting is another alternative within all the experiences that can be found while visiting this enchanting property in central Chile only a few hours away from Santiago.

Published in June, 2021

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