Glamping with Clear View to the Skies


The world’s largest salt flat with eleven thousand square kilometers of surface is the perfect setting for an astronomical observation experience!

This experience is possible by traveling a few kilometers in a 4×4 vehicle with GPS and then staying in a completely transparent glamping bubble, accompanied by a specialized team offering you logistics, guidance, and meals.  During the day, the tour includes a visit to the communities of Colchani which sells handicrafts made of salt; a visit to the salt flats to admire their natural and incredible optical illusion, an unmissable moment for your creativity in spectacular photographs; and a visit to the Incahuasi Island where you can observe a giant cactus of approximately 10 meters high.

This incredible place in the southwest of Bolivia with a natural wealth used for responsible and conscious travelers to have the opportunity to contemplate incredible sunrises, sunsets, and the constellations at night. We recommend you wear comfortable and warm clothes and rubber boots to avoid getting your feet wet during the wet season.

Published in August, 2021

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