Glamping in the desert

Paracas - Peru

Get ready to spoil yourself with a glamping adventure in the Paracas Desert. We combine luxury and comfort on a personalized experience on the amazing landscape with surreal panoramic views of the Peruvian desert.

After testing your skills on the sand dune buggies, or maybe sandboarding down the sandy hills, we arrive at the camp site around 4pm. As you arrive the staff will welcome you with refreshing drinks/cocktails and let you get settled in tour tents.Inside your tent you will find a comfortable full-size bed or two smaller twin size beds and a nightstand. As the night falls you will have a delightful grilled dinner served over a decorated table, cushions, and surrounded by dim lights. Later in the evening we welcome you to sit and enjoy a glass of wine while stargazing the skies. The next morning, after a fresh cup of coffee and breakfast, we return to Paracas in 4×4 vehicles.

We love personalizing experiences for our guests, so we can make your trip memorable tailored to your needs and preferences. 

Published in April, 2021

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