First Luxury Hotel in Barú

Barú Island, Colombia

At last, this paradise destination has one of the best brands ready to welcome your guests. Accor opened on December 1st the Sofitel Barú Calablanca becoming the first and only luxury beach resort in Colombia. Combine after touring the colorful streets of Cartagena for a vacation from your vacation. The resort is located at a 25-min boat ride from Cartagena, the resort offers 187 rooms with modern and simple French-inspired decor.

During your stay, make sure to have enough time to delight your palate by tasting the gastronomy of their three restaurants, each with a different style and cuisine. Of course, we also can’t forget their seven different bars & lounges for refreshing cocktails. While you are on this lovely island, pick any of the many activities to explore the surroundings, sunbathe by the beach, or just relax at their spa. For family travel, the resort has a great program for kids with many activities while you also enjoy a yoga class.

We recommend participating in unique experiences such as the braid workshop allows guests to truly have an immersive experience during their stay. This workshop brings the Afro-Caribbean culture of braid hairstyles, techniques, and care for them. In the evenings we recommend taking a plankton tour, where you can see the “glowing” tiny marine organism by the shore. This great natural wonder can only be experienced in a few places around the world so don’t miss out!

Published in January, 2022

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