Embroidery Workshop

Zuleta - Ecuador

Near one of the biggest artisan markets in South America, Otavalo, we find the community of Zuleta. For centuries, embroidery by hand has been an important aspect of their culture and artistic expression.

Using traditional materials such as cotton, wool, and alpaca they have been making brocades and tapestries that now are famous because of the technique used. Their unique designs are colorful and beautifully inspired.

With the support from the owners of Hacienda Zuleta, one of the largest haciendas in the country, the women in the community have been able to maintain their craft and create a workshop. This helps tremendously to keep their tradition alive and unique technique alive through the new generations and provide a means of economic support for the families.

As you visit the workshop and learn the basics, you will also meet the women behind the scenes of the most delicate embroidery times in the shop. Learn more about their everyday life as you embroider away. Who knows, perhaps you have a gift!

Published in April, 2021

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