Discovering the origin of innovative gastronomy
in South America

Ecuador & Chile

When one is out and about traveling to different parts of the world, specifically South America, food is always in the back of your mind.  Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you will most definitely find time to dine! And whether it is the fresh fruit you’ve never seen or heard of before until you arrived or different techniques of how your meals were cooked and presented, there is always something interesting to uncover.  

Yet, we ask, how many times have you actually stopped to wonder where your meals are coming from and how it got to your table, ready to be savored?  In both Ecuador and Chile, there are now two restaurants where you can ponder this question and consume the answer!  It is a fine dining experience that allows you to feel good about the sustainable and conservative choice you’ve made to eat at their establishments.  

The first is Bocavaldivia, located in coastal Ecuador on an 80-acre “edible forest” implemented by chef Rodrigo Pacheco, who has received world-class culinary achievements and training in Lyon, France.  As a native Ecuadorian, he wanted to learn more about his own roots and realized Ecuador has so much wisdom and culinary origins yet to be recognized.  From there emerged the objective to serve seafood and produce from the coastal lands of Ecuador.  Each dish has been foraged, grown, or fished for everything from fruit and vegetables to seabass or sea urchins!  The restaurant provides an outstanding experience where the dishes are cooked with indigenous techniques from the local communities.  Pacheco’s main vision: “To be fully connected with the ecosystem around us. To create harmony.”  What a wonderful way to enjoy the many creations of food, in harmony with nature.

Secondly, Chile’s Boragó is a famous restaurant, located at the foot of the Cerro Manquehue, the highest peak in Santiago.  Surrounding the premises is a garden and culinary research center solely dedicated to Chilean ingredients, their education, and promotion. Many chefs may be in search of a Michelin star menu, meanwhile, Boragó’s Chilean chef, Rodolfo Guzmán, looks to understand the origin and deep connections of his homeland through food.  Each dish at Boragó is developed with fresh and unique ingredients he stumbles upon during his many travels throughout the country.  Furthermore, he even has tight connections with foraging communities that can supply fruits such as arrayán, available during one particular month a year or to one of the 30 different variants of mushroom only found in Chile!  

One thing is for certain if you are looking for a true culinary experience, Pure! Chile and Pure! Ecuador will not disappoint.  Furthermore, as avid supporters of sustainable travel, you can be sure to receive a high-quality standard fit to inspire and protect communities and environments everywhere we operate.

Published in March, 2022

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