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A new gastronomic experience is ready to be served while visiting the heart of the Andes, Quito. “Quitu identidad culinaria” is a new gastronomic experience that highly promotes a social impact and sustainable development on the agricultural, livestock, and fishing communities of Ecuador. The main goal is to present a sustainable gastronomic project involving the first-hand line of local products to support their activity while serving the freshest products in a genuine gastronomic experience.

The Ecuadorian chef, Juan Sebastián Pérez, took the Quitu project and Quito’s culinary identity to Madrid Fusion, the most important gastronomic congress in the world. “Quitu is a restaurant that grows and evolves with the principle of culinary identity, which connected us with farmers, and they became our source of ethical, inspirational, and creative inspiration,” stated the Ecuadorian chef.

Juan Sebastián Pérez emphasized that they have certain base products that come from purchases and abundant harvests such as corn, potatoes, mashua, and other tubers; which are complemented with sustainable artisanal fishing and daily harvest from the vegetable garden.

In the three recipes presented at Madrid Fusion, he used traditional foods from the Ecuadorian highlands such as llama, guinea pig, black potato, catzos, capulí, among others.

During his presentation, Juan Sebastián highlighted the work being done with farmers, meat and fish producers, and the entire value chain involved in this culinary identity project that left its mark in Madrid Fusión 2021.


Published in June, 2021

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