Chocolate Workshop with a Chocolatier
We provide you everything you need: cookware, ingredients & recipes. With assistance from start to end you don’t need any previous cooking experience to book the chocolate workshop. After a short walk to the cacao plantation for an introduction to the chocolate industry, we will go back to the farmhouse and go through the whole process and start tempering the chocolate! Once you have tempered the chocolate, each guest will start crafting his own chocolate bars or barks before making chocolate Ganache (the filling) from scratch!
We will also take some time to tell you more about Chocolate, the theory behind making the best Ecuadorean chocolates and what fair trade cocoa beans mean to us and how our chocolate starts up is contributing to the local economy. While the chocolate bars are cooling in the fridge and not to waste any chocolate, we will end the workshop by making real Ecuadorean hot or cold chocolate, an amazing drink that really taste like pure liquid dark chocolate heaven!
You can either eat your own chocolates on the spot or take them home to friends and family! This workshop is organized so you understand the basics of Ecuadorean chocolate making and you will be able to make chocolates again! Buen provecho!
*Please note this experience may be guided by the Chef or an assistant from the local community trained by our executive chocolatier.

Published in December, 2020

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