Have you ever imagined unraveling the secrets of the captivating Ecuadorian Coasts? There is no better way than the Kontiki Wayra Yacht, the first luxury cruise expedition in this region to spend excellent vacations in style. Go deeper into secluded paradises steeped with history, culture, and traditions in Ecuador.

The Yacht

As the first Boutique Sea Expedition recognized by Small Luxury Hotels of the World, it continuously promises a tapestry of authentic expeditions both on land and sea. Always focused on every detail that truly connects you with tropical forests, mangroves, endemic biodiversity, pristine beaches, and the local essence, where every traveler will get inspired onboard a sensory journey.

Sustainable tourism and social responsibility move the Kontiki cruises. Every voyage creates transformative experiences by collaborating with local communities through impactful social projects. Committed to environmental conservation, they measure and offset carbon footprints, avoid single-use plastics, and support NGO initiatives for preserving oceans.

Facilities & Amenities 

Kontiki Wayra Yacht takes luxury to new heights, it offers a maximum capacity of 18 passengers and includes 9 exclusive staterooms where you can appreciate privileged panoramic views. Also, unwind in spacious outdoor areas with family or friends, such as an Organic Bar, Chill Parlour,  Fitness Temple, gourmet salon,  jacuzzi,  solarium, and spa. Additionally, high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity is available for travelers who want to share every moment online.  

Activities & Experiences

When you embark on this navigation, you will be part of many adventures while having a pleasant stay. From wellness activities to cultural activities and aquatic sports, you have it all!

The planned activities near indigenous and local communities of small coastal towns are the highlights. Every visit allows you to uncover ancient tales, history, and their traditional lifestyle. Moreover, learn about the Manteño culture archaeological remains or the pre-Incan Valdivia culture pottery and make your handicraft piece with clay. Also, you will visit the community of artisan weavers that make the iconic Toquilla Straw Hat popularly known as Panama Hats. As well as take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate an ancestral ritual of purification led by local shamans.

Onboard gastronomic experiences showcase the flavorful traditional food of Ecuador, a blend of organic and fresh local ingredients from the Coast and the Andean regions that transport you to an immersive cultural delight. Always with a touch of high-end cuisine of specialized chefs. Breakfast offers a selection of exotic fruits, cereals, bread, and Ecuadorian specialties, such as ceviche, bolon, tigrillo, seco de pollo, or humitas. Lunch and dinner present a diverse 3-course menu, featuring unique starters such as salads, a cream soup, or ceviche, never repeated. The main courses boast beef, chicken, and seafood with varied garnish options.

But that’s not all, during your expedition, there will be strategic stops for delicious chocolate-tasting from iconic farms of the region. Also, you will love to try the traditional food at the hands of the local community and learn about its ancestral techniques of cooking, such as the Manabita ancestral oven.
For a complete cruise experience, you must join adventurous and entertaining activities. You will disembark on some pristine beaches, tropical forests, or natural reserves to explore. One must-stop is the Machalilla National Park, where you can hike around the forest and admire butterflies, hummingbirds, and endemic algarrobos trees. Also, a highlight is the Isla de la Plata to admire many fauna species similar to the ones in the Galapagos Islands, such as blue-footed boobies, frigates, whale sharks, and sea turtles, among others.
Onboard you may relax or have fun in the water with snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, or swimming in the beach club, which includes an oceanic pool with a water slide, and sea bobs.

Recommended itinerary

Our carefully curated itinerary combines relaxation with exploration. We suggest planning a travel onboard the Kontiki Wayra from June to October. These months are great for whale-watching season on the Pacific Coast, as the vessel navigates into the more suitable areas for spotting these incredible mammals, especially in your sailing to Isla de la Plata.

5 Days/ 4 Nights

Kontiki Wayra Spondylus Expedition Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Flight from Quito to Manta
  • Arrival to Manta & shuttle transfer to Manta’s port
  • Kontiki Wayra check-in, welcome drink & dinner
  • Overnight sailing to Ayangue

Day 2:

  • Arrival to Ayangue
  • Snorkeling at El Pelado Islet
  • Onboard marine activities in the Ocean Club & lunch
  • Valdivia culture & handicraft experience in clay
  • Sailing to Machalilla National Park

Day 3:

  • Arrival to Machalilla National Park & land transfer to Agua Blanca
  • Visit Manteño Culture remains & hike in the forest
  • Celebrate an ancestral ritual with the community
  • Marine activities on a private beach
  • Onboard dinner with sunset view


Day 4:

  • Disembark in the Isla de la Plata
  • Hiking trails for bird-watching
  • Snorkeling for marine life spotting
  • Whale-watching ( from June to October)
  • Sunset party
  • Sailing to Pacoche/San Lorenzo.

Day 5:

  • Disembark at Manta’s port
  • Transfer to Coastal Marine Wildlife Refuge Pacoche & hiking trail
  • Spotting fauna & ancestral gastronomic experience in San Lorenzo
  • The rest of the afternoon at leisure & dinner onboard
  • Sailing to Bahía de Caráquez
  • End of the cruise
  • Transfer to the airport & flight from Manta to Quito

Before or after the cruise, we recommend a must-visit to the Ecuadorian Andean Region. The itinerary below has the top iconic spots of Quito and delight in the country life & traditions of the surrounding areas like Otavalo.

5 Days/ 4 Nights


Day 1:

  • Arrival in Quito
    Transfer to your selected hotel

Day 2:

  • Full-day City Tour in Quito. Visit the historical center
    & iconic highlights of the city
  • Agave products tasting experience

Day 3:

  • Transfer to Hacienda Zuleta in Otavalo
  • Visits to the Condor Huasi Project, cheese factory & an organic garden
  • Tour the property and self-guided trails
  • Optional: Embroidery or cooking classes, biking, milking, horseback riding

Day 4:

  • Visit MOA, the Andean Bear viewpoint in Pimampiro
  • Return to Quito

Day 5:

  • Transfer to Quito airport

Ecuador always welcomes travelers to enjoy its marvelous destinations, this time is not an exception the Kontiki Wayra Yacht truly offers dream travels across the Ecuadorian coastline waters. Book in advance this experience for your clients with Pure! Ecuador Tour Operator, our travel agents will be glad to help you with any request.

Published in February 2024