In between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes the long, narrow country of Chile can be found. Worldwide, this beautiful country is known for its wines and spectacular landscapes. However, Chile offers many more hidden treasures in a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere. This, combined with its high connectivity with direct flights from all over the world, makes this destination ready to host an unforgettable incentive trip.

Connectivity, infrastructure, and hospitality

With the development of efficient road infrastructure, specialized hotels, and fully equipped event centers, Chile is well prepared for MICE travel. Despite the stretched shape of the country, Chile has good flight connectivity between both major cities and off-the-beaten-track destinations. Combined with the enthusiasm from well-trained and service-oriented locals, the connectivity enables efficient time management and high-quality service. 

Leading destination for adventure

The fact that Chile is an amazing adventure destination has been proven right once again. The country has been rewarded with the South America’s Leading Adventure Destination award for the fourth time in a row at the World Travel Awards in 2018. Mountain climbing, kayaking, paragliding, skiing and surfing, are just a few examples of what this country can offer incentive travelers.

Unrivalled environmental protection areas

The largest Marine Protected Area (MPA) and the recent creation of five new National Parks after the 11 million acre donation to the Chilean government establishes that there is a vast number of unrivalled beauty to be found in Chile. Not only does the country have over 6000 kilometers of coastline, the newly added environmentally protected area on land provides unfamiliar forests, active volcanoes, and undiscovered wilderness.

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Top incentive destinations in Chile

As menitoned, Chile is an amazing destination for adventure travel. However, the diverse country has much more to offer. Think about the ancient culture, the amazing gastronomy, and welcoming locals – all of which help create a value-added experience. 

Below, a few examples can be found on the many options of incentive travel in Chile. Naturally, this is only a small selection. Please do not hesitate to contact us to talk about incentive possibilities in Chile. 

Atacama Desert

The driest non-polar place on earth is the perfect destination for reflection. Walking through the desert, sandboarding, stargazing and admiring impressive geysers are just few of the possibilities. 


The landscape filled with mountains, lakes, and glaciers makes for a view that pictures do not do enough justice. Incentive travel to this destination can perfectly be combined with a cruise to Antarctica. 


The modern capital of Chile is the center of the country in many ways. From here, travelers can visit wineries, the coastal town Valparaiso, and many other places. Also, Santiago is the perfect place for gastronomy workshops. 

Casablanca Valley

Close to Santiago, visitors can explore the country’s fastest growing wine region while learning about the process of winemaking and tasting premium South American wines.

Easter Island

A visit to this inspiring Polynesian volcanic island is a wonderful possibility for incentive travel. All travelers enjoy this beautiful island with its mysterious Moai statues and an interesting local culture. 

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