Bolivia is the perfect incentive destination for travelers looking for authentic cultural experiences in unforgettable landscapes. Spending the night in a traditional community or in a beautiful hotel made out of salt; just two of the many unique experiences your clients can live in Bolivia. Furthermore, the charming and modern city of Santa Cruz has a growing MICE sector offering more options every day.

Unique cultural incentive experiences

Bolivia is a culturally diverse country where many people live more traditional lifestyles. The country’s colorful cultures create incentive opportunities that can be experienced no place else. Its rich culture comes from a very interesting history, which incentive travelers can learn about while traveling through the country. Unique, authentic experiences guaranteed!

Stunning nature

Almost everybody has seen pictures of the breathtaking Uyuni Salt Flats forming the world’s largest salt flat on Earth and the only place on Earth visible from the moon. However, Bolivia has many more beautiful places to offer incentive travelers. Its rainforest, for example, is a beautiful untouched area with plenty of wildlife. Los Llanos are the plains located east from the Andes Mountains, creating amazing rafting and other opportunities for adventure travel.

Central location

Located in between Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, and Chile, Bolivia is a destination that can be easily combined with another country. From Uyuni, for example, Atacama is just a short drive away and also Cusco can be reached from La Paz by car, with some interesting stops on the way. Of course, incentive and business travelers can also make use of the domestic and international flight connections.

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Incentive travel in Bolivia

Bolivia is an interesting incentive destination, both on itself and in combination with an international event. The magnificent nature and authentic cultures of the Andean country will surprise every visitor.

Below only a few examples are listed, please do not hesitate to contact us to talk about all incentive travel opportunities in Bolivia.

Uyuni Salt Flats

At the largest salt flats in the world, incentive travelers live moments to never forget. Multiple day tours allow them to explore the salt flats, flamingo lakes, and volcanoes while staying in hotels made out of salt. The world’s largest salt flats also form a great location for photography courses.

La Paz

Bolivia’s second capital (Sucre is the country’s official capital) offers interesting gastronomical experiences and surprising cultural tours. Travelers can also visit highlights nearby, like Moon Valley and Copacabana.

Titicaca Lake

Hiking through authentic scenery on Isla del Sol and Isla de la Luna, exploring the historical town of Copacabana, and enjoying beautiful landscapes of the world’s largest and highest navigable lake.

Santa Cruz

From Bolivia’s most modern and most beautiful city, your clients can join jungle tours and sandboard on the sand dunes of Lomas de Arena. Santa Cruz is a charming city where colonial buildings are combined with modern facilities.

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