Social and Environmental Responsibility

Pure! Travel Group truly cares for locals, indigenous communities, and the environment. It is very important to us to protect the earth so our grandchildren can enjoy this planet the same way we do. At the same time, we aim to create a positive, inclusive, and stimulating work environment that  Therefore, we have become a trendsetter in sustainable tourism in South America; being Pure! is part of our DNA.

Environmental impact

Our sustainable management aims to prevent, eliminate, and reduce the impact of our facilities, labor activities, and the activities and products we offer at our five destinations. In the Pure! offices, recycling, saving energy, and other sustainable practices are part of our daily routine. Trainings and workshops empower our teams to contribute to a more sustainable world, both at home and in the work setting. Whenever possible, we offer our clients sustainable accommodations and activities focused on cultural and natural heritage to contribute to a more sustainable tourism.