Many people relate Peru to its Inca history, and especially to the famous ruins of Machu Picchu. However the Inca ruins are definitely wonderful and interesting destinations, this diverse country has much more to offer. Deserts, jungle, beaches, and colonial cities; Peru has it all!

10 excellent reasons to visit Peru:

  • To visit 14 UNESCO sites, making Peru the leading world heritage country of South America
  • To taste why its cuisine is the best of the continent
  • To explore its fascinating and numerous Inca and pre-Inca archeological sites
  • To discover the famous Lost City of Machu Picchu, one of the Seven Wonders of the World
  • To develop your own theory on who and how created the mystical Nazca Lines
  • To discover one of the countries with the most natural contrasts and highest diversity in the world, with 80% of Earth’s Life Zones
  • To observe many colorful birds in the country with the highest bird diversity of South America
  • To observe the world’s largest land bird, the magnificent Andean condor, at the Colca Canyon
  • To discover off-the-beaten-path destinations, including Chachapoyas