The only Ritz-Carlton property in South America and Chilean hotel  Recommended by Forbes in their 2023 Travel Guide, will celebrate its 20th anniversary on June 4th

On June 4, 2003, Chile entered the major leagues of international hospitality with the landing of elegance and luxury together with the arrival of The Ritz-Carlton brand in South America.

The hotel became a worthy successor to the most relevant architectural and social landmarks of the last century, the legendary El Golf Theatre, which opened in the mid-40 and immediately became the meeting point for Santiago´s elite. Films such as Lawrence of Arabia, My Fair Lady, and Star Wars were screened.  A place where socialites exhibited the latest fashion trends, the El Golf neighborhood, which housed the most aristocratic families in Santiago, became the hub for the development of style, decoration, design, and haute cuisine.

With 205 rooms and a privileged location, during the construction of the hotel, special care was taken in the design, decoration, and interior architecture, where warm and residential furnishings would stand out to this day in smaller and more welcoming spaces, such as the lobby and the bar. One of the most complete and exclusive Health & Fitness Centers was also inaugurated, located on the top floor of the hotel, under a large glass dome with a modern but cozy design, which, to this day, is a unique spot in Santiago.

To celebrate those 20 years of history, the hotel has created unique experiences through local culture and gastronomy.

The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago has created a special cocktail for the anniversary which can already be found on its menu. It was created by Nicolás Macaya, Bartender of The Ritz-Carlton Bar, thinking of native ingredients and historical anecdotes of the brand.

”The mix is made of Pisco – and Grand Marnier, a name suggested by César Ritz at the Ritz hotel in Paris in 1900. The touch of Frangelico comes from emulating the exquisite flavor of hazelnuts to give roundness and warmth to the cocktail ” says Nicolás Macaya.

The anniversary cocktail is served with orange peel, for extra flavor and freshness, and includes some pisco sour caviar with merkén –a native condiment of the country, made from dried and smoked chili peppers- on the side.

On the other hand, the Pastry team has prepared a dessert inspired by typical Chilean flavors. It is a three-layer cake: first, creamy Chilean chocolate and hazelnut, the second layer is a Lúcuma delicacy, and the third, chestnuts and milk chocolate.

”We are inspired by very authentic flavors, and at the same time, very refined and delicate. The hazelnut represents the South of Chile since it can be found in that area. Chestnut trees grow in a more Mediterranean climate, therefore, it represents the center of the country. And finally, Lúcuma is a fruit that we can find in the north of Chile, mainly near the fourth region,” says Pierina Varas Díaz, Chef at Partie Pastry.

Chile, recognized for its viticultural activity and for a variety that was believed to be extinct, the Carmenere, will launch a limited-edition wine, specially labeled for the occasion. The wine will soon be available in two grapes: The classic Cabernet Sauvignon, noted for its body, wild aromas, and its powerful concentration of tannins and acidity, as well as the unique Carmenere, emblem of Chile with great complexity and elegance due to its intense garnet red color, notes of red berries, humid earth, and spices, which makes it the best pairing for Chilean cuisine.

For The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago, and its Ladies & Gentlemen, it is a pride to celebrate these 20 years in Chile sharing so many special moments with their guests and clients, and also, being part of the society and leaving traces in the community.

The Ritz-Carlton, Santiago invites you to follow its Social Media accounts where the history, anecdotes, and new experiences that surround this celebration throughout the year will be told, both for guests and clients, as well as for Ladies and Gentlemen.


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Published in June 2023