Laying on the Tarapaya Hill, 2.6 km north of the Andean city of Potosi, the Tarapaya hot springs is a tourist attraction visited by locals and foreigners alike. At 3,336 meters above sea level, the 50-meter diameter lagoon has an almost perfect circular shape and it is the only thermal spring in the world having this shape. Its thermal waters have been famous since the Inca empire times for having healing properties. In Inca times, the Inca leader Huayna Cápac used to visit the same lagoon to restore his health. On the eastern side of the lagoon, there is a pool whose name is “Baño del Inca” – in English “Incan Baths”. Visiting the hot springs is the perfect complement to relax after an active day visiting Potosi or, restoring your health just as the Incas did.

Published in September, 2020